Tales of stone

Listen to the English version of Tales of Stone – a talk with Bospolder Tussendijken

“Tales of Stone” was commissioned by Showroom MAMA and the rookies MA 2016. It is part of the exhibition “BoTu back & forth”. The exhibition ran from November 4th until November 27th 2016. Though the other artworks have been removed, you can still walk this tour.

The route is simple: follow the blue line (Google Maps)

Listen to the podcast here:

0 – Prologue

A – The tovertunnel

B – The streetlight

C – The playground

D – The Visserijplein

E – The Mill

Or download the episodes:

DOWNLOAD A - The tovertunnel
DOWNLOAD B - The streetlight
DOWNLOAD C - The playground
DOWNLOAD D - Visserijplein
DOWNLOAD E - The mill


Text, concept and interview: Michiel Cox
Photography: Tomas Mutsaers
Voices: Joost Dekker, Milou Brockhus, Peter Sonneveld, Sanna Vrij and Pim van Alten
Translation: Alyssia Sebes
Sound Editing: Thom Trouwborst